Three families share their thoughts about why they believe Community Christian School is worth investing in...

Simon & Andrée-Anne Kemp

Having found Community Christian School on the Internet, it quickly became one of the principle reasons why we emigrated from England when we did. We were both keen for our eldest child to enter Kindergarten without missing a grade, and as soon as we received permission to live in Canada, we left England without delay. From the start, our contact with CCS was something of a lifeline into a new country.  The Christian staff followed us with prayer while we navigated the uncharted territory of immigration and settlement. This school has entirely lived up to its name, providing us and our children with a community of fellow Christians where we have made some great friendships. We hold deep admiration for the talent and strength of faith in the teachers and directors of this school. The academic development of our eldest child was initially delayed by the upheaval of immigration. Thanks to the amazing dedication of his teachers at CCS, he received extra help and is now thriving among his classmates. Community Christian School combines the values of God's love in a truly caring Christian community with talented teaching, and a vision for the Kingdom of God. In our experience, this is most rare. Life here has many great benefits, but Community Christian School alone was well worth coming to Canada!


Danny & carly Covey

I’m a stay-at-home-mom and have been married for close to fifteen years. My husband and I have three children and moved to the area a few months ago. 

In the past, we’ve alternated between having the kids in an ACE Christian school and homeschooling them. My husband and I never really considered public school an option for our children. When our kids could no longer attend their former Christian school, we decided to homeschool instead. 

It became apparent that though my heart was in the right place, I was not cut out to be a teacher. I longed for my kids to grow and thrive, but I realized I didn’t have the passion for teaching that I knew my children needed. I was often frustrated, knowing I wouldn’t send them to a public school, but also realizing homeschooling was not the best option either. The values I saw in public school didn't reflect the Christian values we wanted to instil in our kids. I knew I wanted my children in an environment where the things of God and our core beliefs would be reinforced. A Christian worldview was a must for us. We prayed for years to find a Christ-centred school where their beliefs would be challenged, strengthened and nurtured. We found that at Community Christian School. 
Life for my children has changed. My daughter has developed a love for writing that she’s not had before. My sons are thriving under passionate teachers that love what they do, and who pour themselves into their students. For me personally, I’ve grown to love the sense of community among the parents and teachers here. I’m excited to get involved in the school and connect with other moms in ways I was never able to as a homeschooler. 

If you are a family searching for Christ-centred teaching in a community environment, Community Christian School is it! The school is an answer to our family’s prayers and we are proud to be a part of it. 


Ryan & Angela Griffin

Community Christian School has lived up to its name in ways that have surpassed our hopes and expectations.  

Community: Our family had just relocated to Ottawa, and being embraced by the CCS community eased the transition and quickly helped our child and family feel welcome.

Christian: At CCS, we see the love for Jesus Christ and desire to glorify Him as the motivation which permeates the relationships, activities, and curriculum choices.

School: Academically excellent, the staff and teachers have been intentional to ensure our daughter is challenged and growing at her specific level of learning.  We are so thankful for this school in which our daughter is being loved, encouraged spiritually, and challenged intellectually.