Tuition Information for 2018–2019 School Year


Rates for Families New to CCS

  • Oldest child in Junior Kindergarten only                         $6,500/year
  • Oldest child in Senior Kindergarten up to grade 8         $8,750/year**

** Add $1,000 for each additional child to a maximum of $2,500. Tuition reductions do not apply to international students.

CCS is pleased to offer a tuition discount to new families enrolling for the 2018-19 school year. Please understand, however, that the discount only applies to 2018-19. The following school year, tuition will rise to the regular rate. This incentive helps new families adjust to paying tuition.


Regular Rates for Returning Families

  • Families with One Child                        $13,000
  • Families with Two Children                   $14,000
  • Families with Three Children                $15,000
  • Families with Four or More Children    $15,500


All families new to CCS will provide a $500 non-refundable application fee that will be applied to tuition upon enrolment.

For families enrolling children part-way through a school year, tuition will be pro-rated accordingly.

Families with children attending Redeemer Christian High School will receive a 25% deduction of tuition at both CCS and at Redeemer Christian High School. New families receiving a reduced tuition rate are not eligible for the 25% discount from CCS for joint tuition with Redeemer Christian High School.


After-School Care Program

CCS offers an after-school care program that runs from 3-5 pm on weekdays. The fees for this program are not included in tuition fees. For current hourly rates, please call our school office.



Following is a link to our Financial Aid application. Families who have had children enrolled for one full year may consider completing an online application. Our tuition assistance assessment is coordinated by a third-party organization called FAST ("Financial Aid for School Tuition"), created by ISM - Independent School Management, Inc., which enables us to safeguard your privacy while also making fair assessments of each family's financial capacity.


Financial Aid Application Link


Since CCS is a non-profit organization, parents are able to claim a portion of tuition as a charitable donation on their tax returns. There is a federal tax credit that assists most parents paying tuition. Based on a Canada Revenue Agency formula, a portion of your tuition represents the actual cost of education per student. Parent contributions (tuition and/or donations) above and beyond that amount qualify as a charitable donation for income tax purposes.