How Can I Donate to CCS?

Community Christian School is always delighted to receive donations from supporters. We are a registered charity so your donation will result in a tax receipt which you can use when filing your tax return. At this time, we are unable to accept donations via credit card or e-transfer, but we will gladly accept donations in the form of a cheque, cash, bank draft or certified cheque. Or you can make your donation via Canada Helps by clicking here. (Please note, however, that Canada Helps will keep 4% of your donation as an administrative fee.)


Why Donate?

Community Christian School is an independent religious school so it is not eligible for any Provincial or Federal government funding. Most of our income comes directly from parents in the form of tuition payments. Parents and supporters also do as much fundraising as possible to help keep tuition costs as low as possible. Membership fees in our school association make up a small percentage of our income and donations from non-parent supporters make up another small portion of our budget but are always very appreciated!


What can I put my money toward?

Annual Bike-Walk-Roll-a-Thon:  This annual fundraiser is held every September and our goal is $10,000. Every student and many parents, teachers and supporters bike, walk or roller-blade 5 kilometers to raise funds which go directly into the operating budget of the school. If you would like to make a donation toward this fundraiser, please do so before September 23, 2017.


Tuition Assistance Fund

Every year there are 3 - 5 families who need a little extra help with their tuition payments. If you would like to contribute to this very important fund, please make sure you write "Tuition Assistance Fund" on your cheque or money order. If you send us your donation through Canada Helps, please notify our school Treasurer so that he will know your donation amount needs to be tagged for Tuition Assistance. Contact Our Treasurer


Chrome Books

This year we are trying to purchase as many Chrome Books as possible for use in our classrooms. These small laptop computers are very versatile and handy for students to use, instead of desktop computers. If you would like to give us money toward the purchase of a Chrome Book, please write "Chrome Book Donation" on your cheque or money order or let our Treasurer know you are donating toward this cause via Canada Helps.