Summer Employee

 Community Christian School in Metcalfe has an opening for a Summer Employee for 8 weeks, 35 hours per week, beginning June 24. The successful candidates will be doing office work, inventory, making teaching aids, as well as property maintenance (painting, cleaning, etc.). Candidates must be between 15 and 30 years of age and are no longer required to be a student. Please email or send your résumé and cover letter by Saturday, June 1 to:

 Mrs. Rita Bergsma

Community Christian School

2681 Glen Street

Metcalfe, ON K0A 2P0


 Cleaning Services 2019-2020 

Community Christian School is seeking a qualified individual to provide custodial services for the school building for the period August 01, 2019 through June 30, 2020. 

The proposal shall quote a specific labour-only rate per month. It is understood that GST may be applicable to the quoted rate. The cleaning activities MUST be performed on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, and Friday evening or Saturday. Cleaning activities MUST NOT take place on Sunday. The first cleaning is to be completed before our annual “corn roast”, normally the week before school commences. It is anticipated that each of the two weekly cleaning sessions will require approximately 10 person-hours to properly complete all required cleaning tasks as outlined below. 

Cleaning Tasks 

  1. Vacuum all carpets, entry floor mats, and floors, moving all furniture, boot racks, etc. out of the way to do so. 

  2. Entry floor mats are to be taken outside monthly and thoroughly shaken to remove accumulated debris. Then mop floor under mats and return mats to floor when floor is dry, or leave mats for staff to unroll in the proper area. 

  3. Mop all floors. 

  4. Clean all windows (interior side) and all windows in doors. 

  5. Wash all boot/shoe racks in halls. 

  6. Dust all other surfaces (i.e. book shelves, window sills & chalk ledges, filing cabinets.) 

  7. Dust all other surfaces (i.e. book shelves, window sills & chalk ledges, filing cabinets.) 

  8. Garbage and Recycling: a. All waste baskets and bins to be emptied and washed when necessary. b. Green bins are for paper towels only. Paper towels are not to be put in garbage bags. c. Garbage is to be taken away for disposal once per week. 

  9. Clean drinking fountain. 

  10. Clean all chalkboards. 

  11. Clean all student desktops and chair surfaces. 

  12. Clean all classroom and kitchen counter tops and sinks. 

  13. Wash walls in bathrooms under paper towel holders, above sink, under soap dispensers, and anywhere else as needed. 

  14. Clean all urinals, toilet bowls, and exterior surfaces (i.e. seats, tanks, foot of toilet and around behind the toilet, etc.) 

  15. Clean all bathroom counter tops, basins and mirrors. 

  16. Replenish all paper towel and toilet paper dispensers as needed and ensure they dispense properly after refilling. 

  17. Replenish all hand washing soap dispensers as needed and ensure they dispense properly after refilling. 

  18. Wash all doorknobs, door faceplates, entry bars on gym doors, and other areas that see a lot of hand traffic. 

  19. Wash walls as needed everywhere, including near garbage cans. 

  20. Maintain clean and tidy Janitor's Room and Mechanical Room. 

  21. Order and ensure adequate supply on-hand of all cleaning and custodial products, including Kleenex, paper towels, and garbage bags, on CCS account. 

CCS will be responsible for providing all cleaning products, paper products, mops, brooms and other equipment. The successful bidder shall manage the supply of these products and re-order when required from CCS supplier. A list of typically ordered supplies will be provided. 

The successful bidder MUST participate in floor waxing and buffing operations during summer break; a commitment of approximately 10–20 hours (typically during the first two weeks of August). CCS Facilities Committee members will assist in these operations as needed. 

The successful bidder must be able to obtain their own accident insurance to cover themselves in case of injury while performing cleaning duties at the school. 

All interested parties are asked to submit their proposal in writing to the Facilities Committee no later than May 31, 2019. Please contact Harry Rylaarsdam (613) 821-1050 with any questions. 

Occasional Teachers

Community Christian School has openings for Occasional Teachers (Supply Teachers) available for the 2018–2019 school year. We welcome all enthusiastic Christians who possess the needed registered qualifications to work with our students. Candidates interested in applying to CCS are asked to email a PDF cover letter, resume, and a statement of faith to Mrs. Rita Bergsma, Principal, to the following email address:

Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.