New Intensive French Program

Grades 5 and 6

Community Christian School continues to implement the Intensive French Program introduced in Grades 5 and 6 in September 2017.

Studies have shown that hearing and speaking for long periods of time is an effective way to learn a second language. Students in Grades 5 and 6 participate in a French language theme-based oral program for two hours each morning. Students begin their day hearing and speaking French, guided by the teacher who models the language through a variety of activities designed to engage students and develop their oral vocabulary. The program is designed for all students to meet with success as they learn the French language and become accustomed to speaking and reading it. Our Grade 5 and 6 Intensive French program is not an immersion program, as students are not being taught specific subjects in French. Rather, the program teaches French much the same way a young child would learn to understand, speak, and write English by conversing in a natural way while participating in class discussions, devotions and prayer, creating art, or practicing music skills.

Grades 5 to 8

Since our Grades 5 and 6 French program was a success and we have more students who are comfortable speaking French, it was important to provide the opportunity for further growth in reading, writing, and speaking skills to students ready for the next steps in learning French. Select students in grades 5 through 8 receive additional French instruction three afternoons per week. Unlike the Intensive French program, where students are conversing in a natural way, students who choose to participate in our Integrated French program will be taught History and Geography in French, using French resources, and writing their assignments for these two subjects in French.

All our French instruction is taught by Mlle Hébert, who says, “Teaching students from four grade levels who are all keen to learn in French is exciting. I am teaching the same History and Geography lessons and vocabulary to all the students, but much of their work is project-based and they will be assessed according to their grade level.”

“We’re excited to offer an expanded French Program”, says Mrs. Bergsma, Principal. “The goal is to continue to strengthen students’ abilities in French and move beyond core French language instruction. In Eastern Ontario, being able to converse in both English and French is an asset.”

We continue to offer our strong core French program in all other grades, using the Accelerative Integrated Method in grades 1 through 4. Through participation in our French programs, students will be better prepared to meet the rigours of high school French classes.

If you have any questions about our French programs, please contact our Principal Mrs. Bergsma by clicking the button below.

Video Message from our Principal

Community Christian School is grateful for Rita Bergsma's inovative ideas and enthusiasm for Christian education in her role as Interim Principal. Rita received her Bachelor of Education from Calvin College in Michigan and has over thirty years of teaching experience. For the past seventeen years, she has taught a variety of subjects to all grades at CCS, but has spent most of her time in grades 7 & 8. She continues to teach core subjects to grades 7 & 8, while also assuming the role of Interim Principal. 

In this short video, Rita explains why CCS is ideal for parents and students looking for a Christ-centred education. 

Prayer in Our Classrooms

The Bible makes it clear we are to pray often. In fact, 1 Thessalonians 5:16–18 says: "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

At Community Christian School, prayer is an integral part of our day. Each classroom teacher starts the morning by leading students in prayer and encouraging them to offer up their own prayer requests and praise reports. Prayer is not limited to mornings though, and if a situation arises during the school day and a teacher feels it is appropriate for the class to stop and pray again, they will.

Christian parents know that prayer must become a habit. Along with parents, our CCS teachers are role models for students, and encourage them to talk to God openly and honestly. A Christian environment in the home, church and school ensures we are giving our children the best chance of becoming true disciples of Christ.

Watch the video above that highlights the difference prayer can make!


It's never too early or too late to consider educational options for your child. If you would like a tour of our facility, have some questions answered, or observe a class in session, please phone the school at 613-821-3669 or email our Admissions Coordinator and make arrangements to come visit us. We'd also love to have you join us for Wednesday morning chapel. Our staff can speak with you about our programming, and what it means to teach from a Christian worldview.

Spending time with us is the best way to discover what makes Community Christian School special!

CCS accepts students at any point during the school year.

Celebration of Learning April 12

Celebrate Learning.jpg

YOU'RE INVITED! We welcome parents, grandparents, relatives, community members, and friends to join us for an evening where we will celebrate the wonderful learning that goes on at CCS. Enjoy a black light drama performance, listen to our school choir and band, hear student presentations, and enjoy art that our classes have created.

We're located at 2681 Glen Street, Metcalfe ON  K0A 2P0. For more information about our Celebration of Learning, call 613-821-3669 or send us an email at

Ready, Set, Kindergarten-Program is FULL

April 4, 11, 18, & 25, 2018

Program is full, see update at bottom of article

This Kindergarten preparation program, held each Wednesday morning in April, is designed to introduce children to school in a positive and fun way. The program is created and taught by Mary Ruth Downs, a fully qualified teacher with 30 years experience working with young children. Mrs. Downs will pack a lot of fun into each morning using the theme "Super Heroes in Training". Along with the fun, children will get to experience many elements of school life. They will:

  • Hear Bible stories about "Super Hero" characteristics that God can develop in us (e.g. bravery, kindness, etc.)
  • Play with and learn the letters in their name
  • Work with numbers 
  • Develop fine motor skills like cutting, printing, and colouring
  • Have fun with activities in the gym
  • Bring and enjoy a snack from home
  • Have their own cubby to hang their coat and backpack in

This program is designed for all children turning 4 this calendar year. Your child can participate in Ready, Set, Kindergarten even if you do not have plans to enrol your child in our school this fall. Cost is $75, and the program will be limited to 12 children. For more information about this program, contact our Admissions Coordinator.

UPDATE: April 2018 program is full. If you would like to be put on our cancellation list, please call 613-821-3669.

What is a “Responsive Classroom”?

Our teachers have recently participated in two workshops with the goal of introducing “Responsive Classrooms” (RC) to Community Christian School. RC employs practical strategies for helping children build social-emotional competencies which in turn improves their academic performance. RC practices also strongly support character development, which is part of our school’s vision for our students.

Since ours is a small Christian school, our staff have instinctively understood that social and emotional curriculum is as important as academic curriculum. We know cognitive growth occurs through social interaction and communication skills are key to developing positive social interaction habits, which will benefit students now and in the future. Moving forward, our teachers will be more intentional about adopting the guiding principles of the Responsive Classroom at all grade levels. 

God has created us to be in community and He desires that we interact with others in a Christ-like and loving manner. The Responsive Classroom method of teaching is not exclusively Christian; however, we feel using RC strategies will help our students learn to speak and listen effectively and will also help students feel welcome, feel they have a place at school, and feel listened to. This is what God wants for us – to recognize that everyone has a place in community and everyone is valued as created by Him for an important purpose. 

Teachers and parents at Community Christian School are always looking at teaching practices that will make an impact on student learning and development.  As we strategically implement RC practices in our classrooms in the coming weeks and months, we look forward to reports of increased student engagement, stronger social connections, and academic gains. 

If you would like to know more about Responsive Classroom practices, please email Rita Bergsma, Interim Principal.  

Tunes for Tots Music Program- May 2018

Tunes for Tots is a fun time for children aged 2 and 3 and their parent or caregiver. It's an opportunity for toddlers to come together for music and play, guided by one of our qualified teachers who has a degree in music. Young children have opportunities to sing, dance, play rhythm instruments, enjoy a story-time, and develop social skills. Coffee, water and snacks are provided. 

Our Fall 2017 session was a big success so we will be running Tunes for Tots again on each of the five Wednesday mornings in May 2018 - May 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.  Cost is $40 per child. To download the registration form, click here. If you'd like more information on this program, or wish to register your child, please phone our school office at 613-821-3669. 

Apple Pies & Crisps for Sale

Apple Pie.jpg

GET YOUR PIES! (CRISPS are sold-out!)

Our amazing team of volunteers made 1000 homemade apple pies this past October. They were flash frozen and are now ready for you to pick-up. These delicious, mouth-watering pies sell fast so don’t delay!  To ensure you get your pies, please place your order in advance by calling 613-821-3669. Frozen pies can also be picked up directly from the school office on any weekday, after October 14, 2017. All proceeds go directly to Community Christian School. 

Community Christian School 2681 Glen Street, Metcalfe, ON 613-821-3669

Pies are available in regular and cheese crust. Sorry, apple crisps are already SOLD OUT!

A Walk-a-thon Worth Investing in


Every fall, students, parents, teachers, and supporters of our school come together to raise money for CCS by walking 10 kilometres or biking 20 kilometres. Our annual CCS Walkathon is this Saturday, September 23, 2017! Join us for breakfast, followed by our walk-roll-bike! This Walk-roll-bike-a-thon is an incredible fundraiser where all the money raised goes into the operating budget of the school, helping keep tuition fees more affordable for families. Looking forward to seeing you all there, rain or shine! Check out our family highlight videos and discover why this is Walk-a-thon investing in! 

The 2016 Cardus Education Survey

As debate continues across North America over the role of independent schools within public education systems, Cardus released its 4th National Education Survey last fall. The 2016 Cardus Education Survey confirmed findings from 2012 that undermine the stereotype that public school graduates are more civically minded than those from independent schools. Cardus Education research into the impact of religious schools consistently shows that Christian schools make a distinctive contribution to the public good. Cardus is a think tank dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture. They conduct independent and original research, produce several publications, and regularly stage events with Senior Fellows and interested constituents across Canada and the U.S.

When a Scarf is not just a Scarf

Recently our students performed in a wonderful Christmas musical and 67 of them wore scarves, made by CCS moms who volunteered their time. Mary Ruth Downs, our Kindergarten teacher, knew those scarves could be given to homeless people after our production was over. Her church was in the process of creating winter survival backpacks for the homeless so she asked them if they could use some scarves. The church responded by saying they needed 67 more scarves to complete their survival kits. God is amazing!

CCS staff decided to use this opportunity to help students understand they can be the hands and feet of Jesus. Students were encouraged to write a short note that was pinned to each scarf. The notes told the recipient that the scarves were from students at Community Christian School and that they were praying for the people who would wear the scarves. Then, in groups of two or three, students prayed over each scarf. 

What a privilege to be able to show even our youngest students that they too can help others in need by showing them the hope we have in Jesus.

"I lift my eyes up to the hills - where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2

Don't Miss Our Christmas Musical Production!

"A Tree Lot Christmas: Joining Jesus' Family Tree"

Filled with vibrant songs that deliver the truth of God's Word, and a script that follows a group of kids as they demonstrate the powerful love of Christ to cranky Mr. Carmichael, this musical will warm everyone's heart.

Please join us on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 7-8 pm at Community Christian School, 2681 Glen Street in Metcalfe. No admission charged, however, a free-will offering will be taken to cover costs incurred with this production.

We hope you can join us!

Wow! What a Walk-A-Thon!

Every fall, students, parents, teachers, and supporters of our school come together to raise money for CCS by walking 10 kilometres or biking 20 kilometres.  Participants get sponsors, and although our goal this year was to raise $9,000, we are thrilled to announce we raised over $13,000! Many thanks to our Fundraising Committee for organizing this event and for feeding everyone breakfast and lunch. Thanks also to teachers and parents who willingly got soaked in the "dunk tank" because we surpassed our goal. Mostly, we thank our God for the amazing Christian community we have, and for the incredible support they give us year after year.  

"Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever. Give thanks to the Lord of lords; to him alone does great wonders." Psalm 136:2-3

Check out our Walk-a-thon video and thank you again to all who were involved!

Math is for the Birds!

Searching for an idea that would meet the many expectations of the grade 5/6 geometry unit, Rick Dykstra and Ben Stapper came up with a plan for students to design and build nest boxes (bird houses) for local species of birds.

Before starting their designs however, students were asked to respond to the challenge, “How can we serve, and bring joy to others?” After some discussion, the class decided to donate their completed nest boxes to their pen-pals at the Orchard View Living Retirement Centre (relationships with these pen-pals had already been established as a result of Miss Granville’s Language Arts class).

Firstly, students began researching birds that are native to this area, examining habitats and nesting requirements for each type, and they chose a bird type for which to build a nest box. Next, using what they had learned about geometry, students designed their nest boxes by first making rough 3D concept sketches, followed by initial 2D scaled construction drawings of each piece of the nest box, using at least four geometric shapes as part of their structure. Students needed to understand how to take and transcribe measurements, and calculate surface area and volume. Students also had to take photos of their progress, keep a journal of each step taken, send updates to their Orchard View pen‑pal and create a final scale drawing that someone else could use to build their own nest box.

“Creating a 3D concept drawing was difficult for some students,” said Mr. Dykstra, “and identifying all the parts needed so as to estimate the amount of wood to order was another challenge. I began to realize students needed an in-between step before actually constructing their wooden nest box, so we had them build a prototype out of ¼” foam board. This way they could test to see if their designs were workable.”

On the day of construction, the gym was full of wood and tools. Under the guidance of two parents and two grandparents, each student confidently measured twice and cut once until all the pieces could eventually be glued and fastened together to form their finished product.

Once all the nest boxes were complete, students painted them in Mrs. Bergsma’s art class. On Grand-friends day, students shared their project with the guests, explaining the process, drawings and prototype, and displayed the finished product. The nest boxes will be set up at Orchard View Living Centre by the end of the school year. CCS students are pleased to know that local birds will soon have some wonderful new homes!

Designing and building these nest boxes for math class is a great example of project-based learning, giving our students a practical lesson on how to apply mathematics to a real-life situation.

Many thanks to The WoodSource in Manotick for donating all the wood required for the nest boxes, and for allowing the grade 5/6 class into their business for a tour. A thank you is also due to Ben Stapper, Hub Stapper, Bob Proper, and Harry Rylaarsdam for working with the students to cut out all the pieces of wood needed to assemble their boxes.

By Marie Cooper

Tuition Starts at $4,500!

Community Christian School is pleased to offer a new, graduated tuition plan for families enrolling their children for the first time, in the 2016-17 school year.

“Traditionally, the tuition rate was the same for all families regardless if they were new to Christian education,” says Marie Cooper, Admissions Coordinator. “Our Board of Directors recognized that for some people, it is necessary to offer a discounted tuition for the first two years they have children in the school. Only in the third year are families charged the regular tuition rate. This allows families to slowly adjust to making tuition payments for their child’s education. The plan also allows new families to try our school for one year with a small financial commitment. We know from experience, that once families experience the excellent teaching and friendly atmosphere our school offers, they understand and appreciate the value of a CCS education.”

How does the graduated plan work?

Basically, a new family will pay approximately one third of the regular tuition in the first year, two thirds in the second year, and full tuition in the third and subsequent years. An additional $1,000 is charged for each additional child, up to a maximum of $2,500 per year.

FIRST YEAR TUITION - $4,500 (plus $1,000 for each additional child, up to a max. of $2,500)

SECOND YEAR TUITION - $8,750 (plus $1,000 for each additional child, up to a max of $2,500)

THIRD YEAR TUITION – will be at the regular rate, which is subject to change annually, but is currently set at $13,000 (plus $1,000 for each additional child, up to a max of $2,500)

Community Christian School has seen an increase in interest this spring as a result of this new tuition plan. If you would like to tour the school or speak with someone about our programming, please contact our school office at 613-821- 3669.