Advancing Minds at Community Christian School


In broad terms, schooling could be defined as the process of learning within a structured environment. In the Community Christian School environment, the focus is on developing a mindset of growth, from a Godly perspective, which vastly impacts the capacity to learn and the results a child will experience. It begins with teaching students that they each possess the potential to be his or her best for what God created them to be, no matter what, and to provide them with the support they need to be successful.

At CCS, this translates into an environment where each child is taught to:

  • Apply rigorous effort aimed towards excellence;
    • Rigour invites engagement. Learners who experience rigour feel encouraged, self-confident, and have a sense of accomplishment.
  • Gain confidence in their learning; and
    • When students feel confident, they are more likely to take up challenges and persevere.
  • Embrace mistakes as growth opportunities.
    • When students feel confident, they are then better able to look at what went wrong and try a different approach.

This mindset permeates the school community, where teachers enthusiastically model this behaviour, and students encourage each other to embrace growth opportunities.

Students have a clear picture of expectations and what it takes to get them there. CCS teachers know that each child has the capacity to do what is required for an individual’s growth. Teachers support each child’s success and act as their partner in achievement.

Achieving a level of excellence looks different for each student, as each is created with varying interests, talents and gifts. Engaging students by tapping into these areas and personal learning styles draws them in and ignites passion.

Equipped with these tools and perspective, CCS is growing a generation of learners that will be well able to confidently step forward in answer to God’s call on their lives. We invite you to come partner with us on this journey of opportunity.