Kindergarten Provides the Building Blocks of Learning




“And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” – Matthew 18:5

“This verse is above my classroom door. It reminds me that how I interact with each student in my classroom affects not only when they will learn to read or count to one hundred but how that child will view and interact with their world.”  – Mrs. Downs



Our Kindergarten program recognizes the importance of play in the world of a child. It is an important part of how a child learns. The teacher has an essential role in purposefully providing materials and experiences that allow students to learn through play.



God created every child wonderfully and uniquely. Our Kindergarten is a place where each child can grow and develop at his or her own rate. Most children begin to read in Kindergarten however each child is designed differently by our Creator.



This approach to teaching phonics allows each child to learn in their own way. Each letter sound is introduced using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues. Equipped with these letter sounds, the students begin to read, spell, and write in preparation for their grade one year.


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Students work with real objects as they explore math concepts like counting, number concept, pattern, graphing, beginning addition and subtraction, and much more. This hands-on experience prepares the a child to work with math concepts in print using paper and pencil.



Asking questions is a natural part of being a child. Inquiry-Based Learning works hand-in-hand with the inquisitive nature of young children. Using “Wonder Questions”, students explore themes from the world around them such as the seasons, pumpkins, apples, penguins, maple syrup, and wherever their questions lead them. 


If you would like to spend an hour in our Kindergarten classroom watching our youngest students have fun while learning about Jesus and their ABC's, click below!