Why Christian Education?

What makes a Christian school truly Christian? 

In part, a Christian school is Christian because of the people who work at the school and because of the foundational beliefs of the school, but it goes much deeper than that. 

Everything that is taught at CCS is fully shaped by a Christian worldview - whether it is history, math, science, literature, or any other subject. Since “worldview” is one's perspective on everything, Christian school children come to know they hold an important place in God's world, and they learn to understand how God’s world works and the role they play in it. To put it simply, they are taught to look at the world around them through the lens of scripture.

Students learn how to apply, analyze, evaluate and appreciate everything based on God’s standards. In science, we know the world shows beautiful design and pattern, because it was created that way – and that impacts how we interact with that world. In literature, students will learn to understand the author’s meaning, comparing it with Christian values and beliefs – and that ability to critically analyze translates to many other areas of life.

Everything that is taught emphasizes our special place in the world: we are created by God to love and be loved by Him, and to be faithful stewards of the world He created. 

Christian schools strive to help children to love God, and to love His Word, the Bible. In a day and age when things are constantly changing, Christian schools are committed to teaching children to discern and look for truth– and that will help them make wise choices today and in the future.



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