Smartboard & Motivation

Parts of a sample Nest-Box

Parts of a sample Nest-Box

We are called to serve others and creation, to work hard in all we do, and to bring joy through our beautiful work. How will building a nest box (birdhouse) for native (local) birds serve others and creation, and bring joy through our beautiful work? This is a driving question grade 5 and 6 students are exploring with their geometry project.

Students are designing and building a nest-box for a native bird and will be giving it to a special person in their lives. With this project, students are praying that they will bring joy to someone as a result of their effort. Some considerations student need to discover are safety, durability, attractiveness (from a bird's perspective!), size, shape, material, and costs. Scale drawings and construction are also learnable goals.

What does this have to do with the Smartboard? Students are eager to use the Smartboard during learning activities. The images displayed are results of some students' thinking process for the parts of sample 3D shapes. In Geometry we call it "drawing a Net". All students were eager to share their version of a Net using the Smartboard.

Students eager to share their thinking? That's a wonderful blessing!