Kindergarten's Penguin Cams

This year’s Kindergarten Penguin unit took a different turn – a remote-control turn. Our class learned that scientists sometimes use ‘penguin cams’ to learn more about penguins in their natural environment. The scientists build a camera that looks like the species of penguin they are studying, and use the remote-control ‘penguin cam’ to observe the penguins without the effects of any human presence. The emergent curriculum became known as Penguin Cams.

The students started by learning about different species of penguins. They then drew pictures of the species they chose to study. With feedback from their classmates, they completed several drafts. Next, they created a 3-D model from their final draft. Disguising a remote-control truck as a moving iceberg, we attached an iPhone holder to the top of the ‘iceberg.’ Using the iPhone, we recorded what our Penguin Cam observed. We were even able to watch the live footage on our classroom Apple TV.