Wow! What a Walk-A-Thon!

Every fall, students, parents, teachers, and supporters of our school come together to raise money for CCS by walking 10 kilometres or biking 20 kilometres.  Participants get sponsors, and although our goal this year was to raise $9,000, we are thrilled to announce we raised over $13,000! Many thanks to our Fundraising Committee for organizing this event and for feeding everyone breakfast and lunch. Thanks also to teachers and parents who willingly got soaked in the "dunk tank" because we surpassed our goal. Mostly, we thank our God for the amazing Christian community we have, and for the incredible support they give us year after year.  

"Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever. Give thanks to the Lord of lords; to him alone does great wonders." Psalm 136:2-3

Check out our Walk-a-thon video and thank you again to all who were involved!